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Pembroke Titans Football & Cheer Sports Medicine Program

Services for participants and their families 

We believe that baseline testing for concussion care, and timely access to injury screens will help enhance the safety and care of your participants.  

ImPACT testing is a proven cognitive computerized test administered in our clinic before the start of the season to measure the major areas of cognition likely affected by a concussion.  Our functional pre-concussion baseline manual screens are designed to support post-concussion recovery and rehabilitation program design to ensure baselines are reestablished post-concussion.  Combined these tests ensure that a concussion can be confirmed once a head trauma has occurred, and also to what baselines an athlete should be returned to as part of a skilled physical therapy protocol.  

Complimentary Injury Screens with licensed physical therapists are also available to all athletes and family.  Timely injury screens may help athletes return to play sooner, and will provide parents a plan of care while helping to avoid unnecessary medical appointments.  Screens are available by appointment only and are available to athletes and their family members.

The functional pre-concussion baseline manual screens + Impact Screen session will be discounted to $25 (regular $60) for PTFC athletes.  Injury screens Functional Movement Screens are also free and available by calling our clinic and scheduling an appointment.

Service Summary:

  • Comprehensive Baseline Concussion Screen (includes ImPACT Test)
  • Injury Screens with Physical Therapist
  • Functional Movement Screen

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